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A Fairy Tale - short film by Squid Ink Productions

Winner of 'Best Drama' at Connect Film Festival 2014 and 'Best Drama' at Comfy Shorts 2014

A Fairy Tale (2013)

Director: Stefan Bugryn


The Tooth Fairy has been arrested after a spate of dental related crimes rock the city. An old friend is called in to interrogate her, and he finds out he’s in deeper than he thought.

Squid Ink Productions is just us – Stefan Bugryn & Julian Zuliani. We’re old high school friends turned filmmakers & storytellers. We promised ourselves to make the best films we possibly can, and have an awesome time doing it, so we got Ink'd. The passion behind creating a good story is the energy we thrive on. The audience is our life, the films are our meaning, and the Squid is our future.

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