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Antoine Bellavance

Antoine Bellavance (Music Composer)

Born in Montreal Canada, Antoine moved to Melbourne Australia when he was six years old. 

Graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Music (Composition) at Box Hill Institute in 2016, Antoine is a freelance Film, TV & Multimedia Composer who has a strong passion for new, and different styles of music.

Equipped with compositional training and background, APRA-member Antoine Bellavance has a tight grip on his musical creativity and strives for the highest of quality.


Antoine is hard working, creative individual striving for the best sound in Composition.




Awards & Achievements


2012 - VCE Season of Excellence Top Class award in Composition



Screen Credits:



'Bloody Christmas' - Short Film: Directed by Jan Di Pietro

- Music Composer


'VOID' - Short Film: Directed by Bernie Yau Han

- Music Composer

'Celephais' - Short Film: Directed by Stuart McKay

- Music Composer


Lucid Screen - Digital Art Channel

- Sound Design

- Music Composer


2016 - 2017


'Conscious' - Feature Film: Directed by Luis Bran, Produced by Neeta Gosal

- Music Composer




'Lover of Death' - Short Film

- Music Composer


'Beatrice Becomes' - Short Film: Directed by Nicole Tran

- Music Composer


'Wonderlands' - Concept Title Sequence by Nicholas Aquilina and Stuart McKay.

- Music Composer


'Black to White' - Short Film: Directed by Sarah Khalaf

- Music Composer


'SHINE' - Documentary: Directed by Nicholas Aquilina

- Music Composer




'Deconstructive Criticism' - Short Film: Directed by Stuart McKay

- Music Composer




'Beastly Beauty'

Short Film screened on an episode from 'HitRecord on TV'

- Contributed to the musical score


Spoilt - Short Film : Produced by Squid Ink Productions

- Music Composer

- Sound Design




'The HitRECorderly #2' with

- Contributed to album




'The Man with a Turnip for a head' Short Film

Screened at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival hosted by Joseph-Gordon Levitt

- Contributed to musical score


Composition Premiers:




Debut Album Premiered

- Debut album titled 'Polygon' showcased and screened at Box Hill Institute (Elgar Campus)




Composition Premiered 

- At the BMW Edge Stage in Federation Square, Melbourne for the VCE Season of Excellence Top Class Award

(Performed by Ashley Carter)




Compositon Premiered

- Composition & Short Film Screened inside the re-opening of Hamer Hall, Melbourne







Africa's Got Talent

- Assisted with the technical crew for 'Africa's Got Talent' Event




Melbourne Youth Wind Symphony

Trombone player in the Melbourne Youth Wind Symphony

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