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Music Composition

Music production & composition lies at the very core of Dream Big Audio Productions. From studio recording, to mixing, mastering, music production and composition, 'Dream Big' has at its disposal an array of the latest digital audio, and classic analogue recording equipment based at Salt Studios. If you are an artist, group, band, or performer looking to create quality music tracks, produce a studio CD or EP and acquire music composition in any means of Film, TV and Multimedia. Please contact Dream Big Audio Productions to discuss your project.

Compositional Facilities:

Looking for a creative composer for all your multimedia needs? 

Equipped with a highly skillful and musically diverse composer, Dream Big Audio Productions are proud to offer any form of musical composition whether it be in Film, TV, Multimedia, Games or Corporate. 


For enquiries, please contact Antoine Bellavance


Mobile: 0435 894 760


Desolate Twilight (Single) - Antoine Bellavance

Compositional Showreel



"Antoine's music has a unique sound, immediately recognisable unlike many emerging composers of today. The mood, tone and rhythm of the music he has composed for 'Conscious' is brilliant. His music like all great music should be is drenched in emotion, allowing its listeners to transport themselves into their own imagination.  The score of 'Conscious' is one of the most powerful elements in the film and will last long after the audiences leave the theatre.  That's the mastery of Antoine. Just listen to three minutes of any of his music and you will find it enormously evocative and visual."
Neeta Gosal: CEO Sinai Entertainment


"I had the privilege of working with Antoine on our short film, and I was incredibly impressed not only by the end result, but with professional standard of service. He was collaborative, and open to suggestions, so it was an easy workflow, and one I'm very happy with. I would definitely work with Antoine again, and recommend him for any project."

Stefan Bugryn: Squid Ink Productions

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