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Conscious - Feature Film | Directed by Luis Bran, Produced by Neeta Gosal

Conscious (2016)

Director: Luis Bran

Producer: Neeta Gosal

Where evil lurks.
A psychologist builds a machine that will help him find his wife’s killer but before he can seek revenge, the machine uncovers something he never expected.

Imagine being the only witness to the murder of a loved one.

Experimental Psychologist, Dr Benedict Miller (Nirav Mehta), is a man tortured by his traumatic youth and the violent death of his wife, Karolin (Daniella Markovic).

In an effort to piece together the events surrounding Karolin’s death, Dr. Miller works on creating a machine that can record dreams that will hopefully piece together the identity of the killer. However the arrival of his first patient, Clementine Jackson (Lauren Orrell), a woman incapable of feeling fear and dangerous to herself and others because of it, hinders his progress.

The arrival of another patient, Bonnie Rose (Ebony Nave), a murderer with increasing homicidal fantasies, gives Miller a unique chance to experiment and improve the machine.

Obsession takes over, as the machine becomes increasingly refined, revealing things much more horrifying than he could ever expect as people’s true nature becomes revealed and people start battling for their lives and liberties.


Conscious is the debut feature from writer/producer, Neeta Gosal and director, Luis Bran.

Fascinated by the idea of a doctor undertaking brutal experiments on patients in an effort to cure their mental illness, Gosal has crafted a chilling story, in the vein ofMemento and Shutter Island with the uniquely haunting Australian landscape as a backdrop captured beautiful by cinematographer, Luke Nixon.

The film features a strong, predominately female cast, including Lauren Orrell (Starting From Now, Sleeping Beauty), Daniella Markovic (Radio Treason, Fear of Darkness) and Ebony Nave (500 Miles) with Dr Miller being played by Bollywood actor, Nirav Mehta, in his first Australian film.

         "Antoine's music has a unique sound, immediately recognisable unlike many emerging composers of today. The mood, tone and rhythm of the music he has composed for 'Conscious' is brilliant.  This film is very difficult to get right, it can drown the viewer in complexities but he has effortlessly captured the rawness of the story; his music like all great music should be is drenched in emotion, allowing its listeners to transport themselves into their own imagination.  The score of 'Conscious' is one of the most powerful elements in the film and will last long after the audiences leave the theatre.  That's the mastery of Antoine. Just listen to three minutes of any of his music and you will find it enormously evocative and visual."
Neeta Gosal
Producer of 'Conscious'
CEO Sinai Entertainment
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