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Celephais (2017)

Director: Stuart McKay


"Celephais" is an 8 minute drama that follows a man’s relationship falling apart as he falls in love with a fantasy girl in his dreams. 


The story follows Broden who dreams of the perfect girl while asleep. While awake, his girlfriend complains that he’s lazy and selfish – and she’s absolutely right.  Naturally, Broden falls in love with his fantasy girl in a dream world free of responsibilities and chores. Eventually, his girlfriend becomes tired of Broden’s behavior, and is forced to end the relationship. Only now, Broden realises she was the dream girl all along. 


Men see women as fantasies instead of people. They’re mystics from Venus who come to satisfy every desire on a whim, with complete selflessness and obedience. Celephais is a story about a man who totally believes this myth, and learns the hard way this isn’t true. He spends all day at home relaxing and is astonished to find that his girlfriend, who’s supposed to love him unconditionally, is upset when hasn’t done any chores. It’s a post-happily-ever-after-story, when a loving relationship is left hobbling because a man has stopped trying. I want men to understand that relationships aren’t all fun and games, they’re also hard and challenging, but that’s just the way it is – the only girl of your dreams is in your dreams.

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