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Music Production

Music recording and production lies at the very core of Dream Big Audio Productions. From studio recording, to mixing, mastering, music production and composition, 'Dream Big' has at its disposal an array of the latest digital audio, and classic analogue recording equipment based at Salt Studios. If you are an artist, group, band, or performer looking to create quality music tracks, produce a studio CD or EP and acquire music composition in any means of Film, TV and Multimedia. Please contact Dream Big Audio Productions to discuss your project.

Studio Facilities:

Salt Studios

All studios have been architecturally designed and purpose built for sound production. The studios boast a 40 input Amek Hendrix analogue console in Studio A and an SSL Nucleus DAW controller in studio B. Studio A runs a Pro Tools HD 3 system and has the choice of mixing through the console for an all-analogue signal path or keeping the sessions totally “in the box” while utilising the console as an analogue summing mixer. The studios boast top of the range analogue and digital signal processors and pre-amps providing a professional application for all audio processing and recording for music productions.

​At the forefront of the Melbourne music industry, the studio has built it’s reputation by consistently providing high quality music production and state of the art facilities. Salt Studios is situated in the heart of Melbourne’s bay side area and offer a comfortable environment where the artist can relax, enjoy the recording process and create.

Studio A


40 input Amek Hendrix analogue console

Pro Tools HD 3 system

Yamaha NS10 monitors

Event Opal monitors 


Avalon, Lexicon, Empirical Labs, Universal Audio, DBX processors and pre-amps


Neumann, AKG, Coles, Shure microphones, and many others


Waves, SSL, Sony Oxford, Focusrite plugins


766A Hawthorn Road,

East Brighton VIC 3187

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