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Spoilt - short film by Squid Ink Productions

Winner of Best Actor - Michael Smithwick (Melbourne Underground Film Festival 2015)


Spoilt (2014)

Director: Stefan Bugryn


Best Actor - Michael Smithwick (Sydney Indie Film Festival)
Indie Spirit Award - Sydney Indie Film Festival
Best Thriller - Sydney Indie Film Festival

Vlad has been pushed over the edge. Whilst watching his favourite TV show, his friend Jesse inadvertently spoils the ending. This sends him in a mental spiral, and he exacts revenge on him in the worst way possible.

Squid Ink Productions is just us – Stefan Bugryn & Julian Zuliani. We’re old high school friends turned filmmakers & storytellers. We promised ourselves to make the best films we possibly can, and have an awesome time doing it, so we got Ink'd. The passion behind creating a good story is the energy we thrive on. The audience is our life, the films are our meaning, and the Squid is our future.

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